The Green Mountain

Zero meat-free. Pure uniqueness.
Our plant-based meatloaf.

Our «The Green Mountain» meatloaf alternative is like meatloaf, but better. It’s better for you because it’s full of protein and vitamin B12 – and lower in calories and salt than its conventional counterpart. And it’s better for everyone because its production generates less CO2 than meat. We’re proud to launch the first vegan meatloaf on the market. Another really tasty, completely meat-free product!


Nutritional values per 100g

Energy in kJ approx. 583

Energy in kcal approx. 141

Fat approx. 12g

of which saturated fats approx. 1.2g

Carbohydrate approx. 1.8g

of which sugars approx. 0.7g

Dietary fibre ca. 4.8g

Protein approx. 3.6g

Salt approx. 2.3g


Water, rapeseed oil 11%, thickening agents (methyl cellulose, processed euchema seaweed, konjac), pea protein 4.5%, flavouring, table salt, spices, fermented onion extract, distilled vinegar, citrus fibre, concentrated lemon juice, smoked sea salt (sea salt, sunflower oil), colouring: iron oxides, vitamin B12.

package contents

1 x «The Green Mountain» meatloaf, 350g



OVEN (160 °C) 45 MIN.

Remove the plastic film, and place the meatloaf, in its baking tin, on the second shelf from the bottom and bake until golden brown. Tip: For best results, use the fan setting with grill function.

If you feel like trying something completely new, simply combine the meatloaf with some extra ingredients and use the mixture to stuff tomatoes, mushrooms or potatoes and bake them in the oven.

Looking for even more authentic taste?