The Green Mountain
Fleischkäse Tranchen

Zero meat, zero cheese. Pure trendy.
Our plant-based meatloaf tranches.

The wait is over – our new pre-cooked meatloaf is pre-sliced in tranches of 100g each. You decide if you roast them in the pan, put them straight onto your sandwich, or thinly slice them for salads – there are many ways to enjoy. Warm or cold, thinly sliced or as a whole, in the end, only taste matters.


Nutritional values per 100g

Energy in kJ approx. 762

Energy in kcal approx. 185

Fat approx. 16g

of which saturated fats approx. 1.2g

Carbohydrate approx. 2.0g

of which sugars approx. 1.8g

Dietary fibre ca. 5.7g

Protein approx. 4.8g

Salt approx. 2.2g


Water, rapeseed oil, pea protein 4%, thickening agents (carrageenan, methyl cellulose, konjac), flavouring, dextrose, broad bean protein 1.5%, distilled vinegar, spices, fermented onion extract, manioc starch, linseed meal, table salt, pepper, smoked sea salt (sea salt, sunflower oil), transglutaminase, sunflower oil, vitamin B12, iron.

package contents

2 x «The Green Mountain» meatloaf tranches, 100g each

Fleischkäse Semmel mit Fleischkäse Aufschnitt



Heat a little vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the meatloaf tranches for about 3 minutes each side.

Looking for even more authentic taste?