The Green Mountain
Packshot Plant-based Pfeffer-Medaillon von THE GREEN MOUNTAIN

Zero meat. Finely seasoned with real pepper.
Our Plant-based Pepper Medallion.

We’ve created something very special for all veggie gourmets: innovative medallions that come raw and finely seasoned with pepper, then develop their full flavour when you prepare them in the pan or – for that extra smoky touch – on the grill. Delicate texture, aromatic spices, harmonious roasted flavours, rich in protein … what more could you want?


Nutritional values per 100g

Energy in kJ approx. 739

Energy in kcal approx. 177

Fat approx. 3.9g

of which saturated fats approx. 0.7g

Carbohydrate approx. 6.7g

of which sugars approx. 1.2g

Dietary fibre approx. 4.3g

Protein approx. 14g

Salt approx. 1.4g


Water, soya protein 9%, wheat protein 9%, rapeseed oil, thickener: methyl cellulose, wheat gluten, natural flavouring (contains gluten, soya), fermented onion extract, spirit vinegar, colouring: carrot juice concentrate, colouring: beetroot juice concentrate, iodised cooking salt, acidifier: lactic acid, barley malt extract, 0.1% pepper, wheat flour, iron, vitamin B12

package contents

2 x «The Green Mountain» Pepper Medallions per 105g

Pfeffer Medaillon von THE GREEN MOUNTAINPackshot Plant-based Pfeffer-Medaillon von THE GREEN MOUNTAIN



First grill over direct heat for approx. 3 minutes on both sides, then leave to cook over indirect heat for approx. 4 minutes.

Tip: If you like your medallions medium-done, grill for a total of 7 minutes. If you prefer your medallions well-done, grill for 10 minutes.


Fry on both sides with a little oil over medium heat. Turn over several times whilst cooking.


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