Our bratwurst.
100% meat-free. Authentic BBQ experience.

Our bratwurst is just as crisp as the original – the sausage for everyone who wants uncompromising taste and a clear conscience. It’s rich in fibre and vitamin B12, and free from GMOs, added sugar, palm oil and flavour enhancers.

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy in kJ approx. 809

Energy in kcal approx. 196

Fat approx. 16g

of which saturated fats approx. 1.2g

Carbohydrate approx. 3.1g

of which sugars approx. 0.4g

Dietary fibre approx. 7.1g

Protein approx. 5.8g

Salt approx. 1.9g


Water, rapeseed oil 15%, king oyster mushrooms 8%, thickening agents (processed euchema seaweed, methyl cellulose, xanthan gum, konjac), pea protein 5%, flavouring, inulin, spices, distilled vinegar, citrus fibre, table salt, smoked sea salt (sea salt, sunflower oil), concentrated lemon juice, stabilisers (sodium alginate, konjac, guar gum), vitamin B12.

package contents

2 x «The Green Mountain» bratwurst, 115g each

Plant-Based Bratwurst Packung



Grill at a medium heat, flipping occasionally.


Fry the bratwurst alternative on all sides at a medium heat until brown and crispy.

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