Zero Meat.
Swiss quality.

Looks, cooks & tastes like meat.

Swiss made,
Plant-based burger

of fibre

We`re proud to present the first burger developed and produced in Switzerland: “The Green Mountain.” For those who love great flavor, without the meat. “The Green Mountain” is a brand new burger. It`s got the same great look and flavor. Just without the meat. And it`s a little different. The plant-based burger is an excellent source of fibre, with high protein and vitamin B12 content.

All the good stuff –
in our great new burger

Grill, baby, grill!

Grill our burger or fry it on medium heat for a beautiful, slightly crunchy toasted taste and an appetizing brown color.

“The Green Mountain” tastes fantastic with melted cheese on top, too. Lay the cheese on top of the burger about a minute before you finish cooking and wait until it’s slightly melted.

For all the vegans out there: we want our burger recipes to include you, too. When using our recipes, just leave out the cheese, or switch it out for your favorite alternatives.

Happy eating!


13 minutes on the grill.

Grill on medium heat. Turn occasionally.

9–10 minutes in a pan.

Fry on a medium heat with a little oil. Turn occasionally.

11 minutes in the oven (175 °C).

Turn halfway through.

Enough talk. It’s time to eat!

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